Datafeed Studio is a self-hosted web application for internet marketing professionals that need to create multiple types of product driven affiliate web pages with ease.

Master your Products

With Datafeed Studio you can merge all your affiliate datafeeds (even from different networks) into one single product database that you control.

From this database you can easily create standalone affiliate web stores or embed price comparison widgets within your existing web sites.

Above: The Datafeed Studio admin interface

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Install Datafeed Studio on your Web Server.

  2. Add datafeeds from your favourite merchants.

  3. Configure the site(s) you want - such as a niche online store, a price compare site, etc. (or use Datafeed Studio as your very own content unit engine for serving up price widgets to existing websites!).


See full list of features.

Example Datafeed Studio Sites

Whether you want an affiliate store, a price compare engine, or just standalone price comparison landing pages for PPC campaigns, Datafeed Studio is the perfect solution to all your affiliate needs.