License Ordering

Upgrade your Free Edition by ordering a Lite or Pro Edition license.

Purchasing a Datafeed Studio license entitles you to:

Choose your Edition

Free Edition Lite Edition Pro Edition
Max Feeds 2 10 Unlimited
Max API Clients / Sites* 2 5 10
Max API Products 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Cost Free £199 (GBP) £299 (GBP)
Order Free Download

* - note that this does not allow you to run different copies of Datafeed Studio. You are only allowed one install that can support up to the designated amount of registered sites and/or API clients. See the EULA for further detail.

Be sure to verify that the Free Edition fully works on your host prior to ordering as licenses aren't refundable!

Upgrading from V2 or Lite to Pro

If you purchased Datafeed Studio V2 in 2010 you are entitled to a FREE Upgrade to V3 Pro. If you purchased before 2010 then an upgrade free of £49 applies.

To upgrade from DS Lite Edition to DS Pro Edition costs £150.

To arrange any of these upgrades email support with your current license.txt file.

Extra Services / Add-Ons

You may be interested in extra Datafeed Studio services, which are charged at a fixed fee.

  • Installation of Datafeed Studio on your site - £99
  • Creation of a custom parser for a datafeed - £99
  • Conversion of a Wordpress theme (or similar) to a Datafeed Studio theme - £199

If any of these services interest you (or you need custom integration work / site built for you) please contact support direct to discuss further.