Datafeed Studio Wordpress Plugin

The Datafeed Studio Wordpress Plugin is a powerful yet easy to use plugin that allows you to embed price comparison boxes (content units) within your Wordpress posts (or pages).

To include a price comparison all you need to do is add a custom field named 'ds_query' to your page with the search criteria, e.g. a custom field of "+xbox +elite +console +120gb" would display all Xbox 360 consoles that match all these words.

An even more flexible way of embedding price boxes is by taking advantage of the shortcode syntax. With this you can simply add :

[ds query='+xbox +elite +console']

in the actual Wordpress WYSIWYG editor and the Datafeed Studio plugin will do it's magic when you preview/publish the post, converting it into :

The shortcode syntax can go far beyond merely matching names, you can also include/exclude merchants, select the sort order, select the theme for the price listing, etc.

For more details see the shortcode syntax help page from the Datafeed Studio admin site.

The Wordpress plugin also has the ability to display a search form - and automatically generate dynamic price boxes based on the query the user supplied - i.e. your very own price compare site!

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